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Hello Friends

How are you? I hope you're staying healthy - in both body AND mind.

I wanted to share a little update on my podcast.

It's always been about social enterprise and extracting insights on what's helping entrepreneurs scale. Back then and as now, my goal was to create content that provided value to people, and over time I hoped my audience would grow. I launched my podcast in 2017 on a weekly cadence, interviewing inspiring social entrepreneurs and leaders in social impact. It wasn't easy whilst in full time employment and a young family, but with sound habits and procedures, I made it work.

But there was a problem.

In order to create something of value, I needed feedback from my audience so I could iterate and improve. I gave my personal email address on every episode to invite feedback, but all I got was silence. Still, I carried on after receiving passing comments from people that were generally positive.

It was around a year ago when I heard Nathan Barry, a successful online entrepreneur, give his definition of an audience. He said it was when people don't want you to stop sharing your content. They give you their email address to say, whenever you have something to share, I want to hear about it.

That wasn't me. Most people on my list were friends and acquaintances.

Realisation hit me square in the face. I was crushed.

Since then I've been reading everything I can about finding a niche and building an audience. Last week I wrote about it on Twitter. An entrepreneur friend commented these lessons apply to starting a business too. Click below to read the full thread on Twitter.

I love creating content on the web. So consider this a kink in the road. I am pursuing a few things now, including teaching people how to grow an online presence (I am still taking clients on this). And giving people the tools I've learned from the many social entrepreneurs I've interviewed and worked with — on how to be the best version of themselves and create the most impact. I'll continue to share my journey with you all.


I had some lovely replies to Issue #26. Here's one from Lars Schoebitz:

Thanks also for your latest Newsletter! I found it brave and inspiring to see you sharing negative emotions and frustrations. It helps a lot to realise my own problems are okay and to be reminded that nobody is ever perfect and that it's the imperfect we can learn from.

Thanks Lars!

Now onto the content.

On equity, inclusion and diversity in the development sector

After learning about the decolonisation movement in Ling Ling's newsletter (check it out!) I've been reading around it ever since. I shared what I've heard on Twitter. Click to read the full thread:

I've come to realise I'm part of the problem. But I hope I can be part of the solution too. I've spoken to a number of job seekers and allies in the sector over the last couple of weeks to learn more. I'm wondering whether I can use my skills to facilitate this change process. Would a newsletter be helpful? I'd love it if you had time to check this out and let me know your thoughts. Go ahead and subscribe if interested. Comments appreciated!

The Diversify Dev Newsletter

On mental health

Twitter turned up a gem for me this last week. It's made a HUGE difference to my day. It's an easy trick that will make you instantly happier. Try it out and let me know how it goes. Click on the thread to read on Twitter.

On getting through tough times

If you're ever feeling worried, nervous, frustrated, lazy or unmotivated, I HIGHLY recommend you check this out. Or save it for later. My wife first introduced me to Byron Katie and she's since popped up from diverse sources across the web. This online questionnaire will help you work through any issue you're facing. Not necessarily to change how you're feeling but to change what you can do about it.

On design thinking in your life

For those who are intrigued how design thinking can be applied to relationships, work, finance, or anything in their life, this primer is a great start.

Design Thinking: A Primer by Megan Goering

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