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How conversations can change your life

Hey Friends,

Conversation can change your life.

I've come to this realisation recently. And so did Theodore Zeldin in his book Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives which I've been dipping into.

I haven't made much time for random conversations in the past. I'm always trying to be productive, to do a good job in my career and achieve my goals. I always think: there's just no time!

But I've realised I'm missing the magic that comes from conversations with new people.

You see, as a consultant, I sell my time. This puts me in the mindset of time blocking, task management, deep work and endless other productivity hacks.

So when I'd get a request by someone to 'pick my brain’ I'd initially scorn at the idea. I defaulted to the ‘not having the time’ position (and sorry if you're reading this and that was you!)

But after a few of these calls, I realised I enjoyed them and I get so much out of them.

Here's what I've realised about some of the benefits from a random conversation:

  • You get to see your experience be of value to others;

  • You can practice your coaching skills;

  • Explaining things to a new person triggers new ideas and insights;

  • You get feedback on how you explain things, which makes you a better communicator;

  • You get advice and motivation from others who are trying to achieve the same things as you are but who are just slightly ahead of you on their journey.

I now keep 5pm GMT every day open for conversation. So, I would love to hear from you. Hit ‘reply’ to schedule a conversation with me or ping me at It's good to talk!


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Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things.

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